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Ideas on being creative

The 2020-21 Probus Photographic Competition theme is - Creative Probian. So we take a look at some ideas to consider to help those creative juices get flowing! 


1. Explore your artistic ways 

The most creative aspect of art is there is no limits! You can choose to dwelve into the performing arts side with learning a new dance, playing the keys to an instrument, upskilling with digital music or even creating your own lyrics. 

Alternatively, you can channel the visual arts realm with sketching, pottery, painting or crafting. 

If you are lost for inspiration, Pinterest is a great website providing lots of artistic ideas and templates. 


2. Get wordy 

For the past few months we have seen some great creative writing pieces from Probians that have been shared in Active Retirees and Staying Connected.  

From sharing experiences to imagining new ones of different genres, writing a poem, narrative, comic, treatment or monulog can showcase just this.  

If you would like to upskill on your writing you can visit websites such as Class Central which provides a range of online courses to consider. There are also proof-check plugins such as Grammarly that can detect any spelling or grammatical issues. 


3. #ProbusDay1October2020

With the inaugural celebration of Probus Day on 1st October 2020, why not find a creative way to celebrate the day.

Perhaps you can make a fun game for your Club to play, craft some decorations for your venue, cook with the blue and gold Probus colours, there's plenty of options out there! 

Click here to visit the Probus Day page.  


4. Take the tech savvy approach 

The evolvement of technology has meant that there are always new ways to be creative with it. 

Perhaps you can be creative by making your own interesting podcast (an audio file) using the default recording application on your phone or mobile. 

Another option is to look into graphics and video production where you can create video compilations with Apple iMovie and also edit images with softwares such as GIMP, Adobe Creative Cloud and Canva

If you like sharing your personal stories or are very expressive, maybe even consider starting your own blog. Don't worry too much about coding as websites such as Wix and Wordpress provide easy templates you can build upon. 


For more information on the 2020-21 Probus Photographic Competition click here