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Safety first

Davidson-Belrose Probus Club recently held an interesting morning for its members to be informed with first aid and CPR.

The Club had the Surf Life Saving Association on hand to demonstrate and inform members on all kinds of aspects of first aid that they may come across in their day-to-day life.

The instructor, Terry, was very well-informed and gave so much of his time to help members on the mannequins.

In the photos you can see how members were intent on compressions and log rolls, with a lot of giggles and laughs. They felt it important to know how to help in a situation if a loved one went down or a grandchild needed help in some way.

Terry also showed how an AED (defibrillator) worked; he assured members there was nothing to be scared of, as the machine talks you through the process. Many members commented on their fears at the start and as the morning progressed they all relaxed and could see the benefits.

The Club has had some interesting functions recently with a bus tour of the southern beaches and the War Memorial in Hyde Park with a delicious lunch at Coogee.