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Malvern Men's Promotional Drive

Malvern Men's Promotional Drive.

The Malvern Men's Probus Club (VIC), has been involved in various promotional drives benefiting both their Club and the wider organisation. 

Their participation in the Stonnington Seniors Day, opened doors to meeting retirees within the local area and gaining new members. 

In addition, the Club conducted a letter box drop where 10,000 leaflets were distributed within the local area. 

The Club Ambassador, John Pennicott also shed light on the importance of organising activities that engages with retirees. 

John shared that his Club hosts 2-hour 'Chinwang' coffee and chat meetings for members to catch up but is also an opportunity to get other retirees who aren't members into the conversation. Currently, over 60 members attend this friday event in spirit of Probus. 

The Club is excited for their Christmas event and future planned promotional activities.