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A Friendship Story

Rekindling an old friendship through Probus is something members Bronwyn Halbisch and Suzanne Lister have come to treasure. 

Bronwyn is a past President of the Weston Creek Ladies Probus Club in the ACT. When she was President of the Club she would regularly be given a list of visitors that were attending on that day.

“I would normally read their names and extend a welcome to them,” Bronwyn says. “However, one time was a bit different; as I was about to read the names, I saw a familiar name. It was an unusual name and I wondered if it was the same girl I’d worked with and was friends with in Sydney some 40 years ago.”

Bronwyn was still not sure if it was her old friend, so she asked that the members stand, and she welcomed them individually, leaving her friend’s name until last.

Eventually, it came time for her friend, Suzanne, to stand, and they were both so excited.

“So we’ve had a great reunion and now look forward to each month’s meeting to lunch together following the meeting and find out the latest with each other,” Bronwyn says.  

“After Sydney, both our lives took us in different directions: mine to London to live and travel and hers to marriage and a baby in Australia.”

Bronwyn and Suzanne till today have maintained a strong friendship where even with the challenges of COVID-19, they have managed to do regular 1 hour phone calls. 

Bronwyn says that 'Probus allows us to treasure friends and Suzanne is a friend I will forever treasure. Despite having different lifestyles, she is a beautiful and helping person."