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'P' Party

North Launceston costume partyNorth Launceston Ladies Club members decided to forgo the usual winter luncheon and party in the key of 'P' instead.

It wasn't going to be the usual 'Luncheon in Winter' this year for North Launceston's Ladies. President Mary Dadson suggested a 'P Party' and everybody's imagination flew into fast gear.

Strange fleeting looks passed over the members' faces, and lightbulbs turned on over each head as they had perfect costume ideas. Throughout the following four weeks, ideas and suggestions were productive and prolific. 

The North Launceston Bowling Club ladies, who were catering, produced a menu of pumpkin soup, prawn cocktails, patties, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, pavlova and pecan pie

The tables were set with purple serviettes and posies of pink and purple flowers were placed in the centres.

What a parade of P-themed people passed through the portals of the party parlour. There were 'pregnant' 70- and 80-year-olds, princesses (perhaps past their prime), Pinnochio, principals, pirates, a pendulum clock, parson, plumber, pimp, patriotic pom, Australian patriot, a present, patient, pyjama wearers, Pollyanna, pussy cat and more. Others wore their pearls and their pink and purple clothing.

As the members enjoyed their palatable meals, they participated in 'Lucky P Spots', making up a slogan from the letters of Probus, and played Pass the Parcel; their activities produced much hilarity.

After a  parade of participants, the 'Most Unusual' prize went to the club's Bulletin Editor Ann Donnelly, who was dressed as a pendulum clock.

After the gales of laughter had quietened down, everyone agreed it was a great hit and that the club may try it again using a different letter.

Top, left to right: Denise Baden (plumber), Rhonda Crack (pirate) and Lois Cummings (pyjamas)
Below, left to right: Helen O'Byrne (Pinnochio) and Kaye McDonald (present)
Bottom: Ann Donnelly (pendulum clock), winner of 'Most Unusual' prize

Helen O'Byrne and Kaye McDonald








Ann Donnelly