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Norfolk Island tour

Thirty one Greenway Probus members and friends enjoyed a seven night Tour of Norfolk Island. They were accompanied by Alan and Sheree from Linga Longa Tours.

They had a very full but enjoyable itinerary, including many specialty dinners.  They included the Island Fish Fry, a Progressive dinner and a Night as a Convict (pictured).

The highlight was the Bounty Day festivities seeing the re-enactment of the landing of the Pitcairn Settlers on Norfolk Island. The group watched Bounty descendants dressed in traditional garb enact the landing in an old long boat. 

The visit coincided with the six weekly visit from the Supply Vessel bringing the bulk of the island’s supplies from everyday provisions to building materials, cars and heavy machinery.  They were able to watch for a while and see how everything is transported to shore from the ship in two long boats.