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The big 25

On Saturday 29 October, 61 members of Gold Creek Probus Club attended a High Tea to celebrate the Club’s 25th Anniversary at the Southern Cross Club Jamison, ACT from 2:30 – 4:30pm. There was plenty to eat and endless cups of tea.

Three members of the Ginninderra Rotary Club also attended, and Barry Howe from Rotary presented President Keran with the certificate of congratulations from Probus South Pacific.

Gold Creek Probus Club was accredited on 10 November 1997. This followed an approach by Dick Sinclair (now deceased) to the Rotary Club of Ginninderra to sponsor a new club in the area. Dick Sinclair and his wife Pam were both members of Gungahlin Probus but saw a need for another Probus Club in the Gungahlin area. The Rotary Club approved his recommendation and this led to the formation of Gold Creek Probus with Dick Sinclair as President, Pam Sinclair as Treasurer and Keran Niquet as Secretary. The Club’s first meeting was held in February 1998. Keran Niquet is currently the President of the Club and his wife Glenys is an active member.