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Fancy dress luncheon

On Tuesday 27th June a group from the Probus Club of Currimundi Combined Inc. had a wonderful fancy dress luncheon as the 3 F's "FRIENDSHIP, FELLOWSHIP AND FUN, at the Powers Boat Club.

As you will see from these photos below capture the mood of the theme.

Pictured: Del Ogilvy brought back the "Fifties"

Pictured: Ann Maclean made a mean "Flapper"

Pictured: Joyce McGregor was pretty in pink as "Flossie's Florist".

Pictured: President Brian Sweet acted the part of "Friar Tuck".

Pictured: A dainty "French Maid" was Nancy Venning.

Pictured: What more can I say; Helen Soldal, Sue Rae, Margret Warren, Coralie                                                             Holmes & Denise Stephens, were delicious "Fruit Loops".

Pictured: "Football Fans" were Greg & Marilyn Schiffer, Gail Blair, Ed Kitchener and Bob Blair.

Pictured "Fortune Tellers" Crystal Ball and all were Betty Munro, Kathy Robinson and Kay Young.

Pictured: Jack Kruizinga was at his inventive best as a "Flamingo".

Pictured: Heather & George Alchin showed us what real "Farmers" look like.

Pictured: Judy Francis took us up memory lane to the "Flower Power" days.

Pictured: The "Friendship, Fellowship and Fun Group".