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Convoy fun

A convoy of 11 gleaming 4WDs departed the Vikings Club on a brisk Sunday morning. The Probians were filled with the expectation of a fun day out with Majura Ladies Probus Group and the Queanbeyan West Rotary Club 4WD Group for the Max Mills Memorial Drive.

Seven Majura Ladies Club members and 16 from the Tuggeranong Club were in the convoy. It was a windy day.

On the off-roads, through the National Parks, the group marvelled at the scenery, dodged cattle and sheep, chatted with the Rotarian drivers and co-drivers and relished the radio repartee among the vehicles.

Members called into rest areas to mix and mingle and to enjoy a scrumptious morning tea. Later, it was another stop to stretch the legs, have a warm cup of soup, a tasty barbecue and beverages for lunch. After reloading the vehicles, the real capabilities of the 4WDs were then tested as the cars attacked the Baldy Ridge Trail – what fun! - a gnarly back road that no doubt cut travel time from one town to another for some intrepid traveller. At one stage, the group was on the very upper ridge of the Brindabellas, with panoramic views, and a drop on either side.

On the way home, the group pulled into a camp area for a warming cuppa and another fresh serve of delicious goodies.

We all returned home as happy, contented and grateful hinterland wanderers, thanks to the Queanbeyan West Rotary 4WD Group.