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Papatoetoe Probus' train and bus trip

Papatoetoe Probus' train and bus trip

Papatoetoe Combined Probus (Auckland, NZ) members went on a train and bus trip in January, using their HOP Cards which are given to those reaching 65 years of age, and allows for free travel on public transport.

As the Club does not hold a meeting in January, members took advantage of their HOP Cards and spent a beautiful sunny day, travelling around Auckland. 

They caught the train from Papatoetoe Railway Station into Auckland Central, then took a double decker bus over the harbour bridge where they caught another bus which took them to Hobsonville, a newly developing housing area. 

After a bite of lunch and a look around, the group hopped on a bus which took them around the beautiful north shore bays. 

They got off at Browns Bay for an ice cream and look around, before catching a bus back to Auckland Central and the train home. 

President Dawn Mulligan (second from the left front row) said that everyone agreed that they had a marvellous time and it goes to show that you don’t need to spend much money to go out and have fun if you are in possession of a Gold HOP Card.

The group enjoyed the day so much, that the committee is looking into doing this type of trip once a month.