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Trip down the track

Palmerston Probus members embarked on a trip down the track to visit the Marrakai Military Museum.

A group of 13 Probus members recently embarked on a trip to the Marrakai Military Museum. They travelled in three private cars, with the lead car equipped with a reliable GPS that provided precise instructions, albeit with a touch of humour.

The WW2 Museum, which was established about 18 months ago, houses an impressive collection of artifacts, including uniforms from various countries and an extensive range of military memorabilia. The artifacts on display showcase the history of military conflicts, from Gallipoli and Tobruk to more recent battles.

After a comprehensive tour of the exhibitions, the group enjoyed a delightful lunch at the Corroboree Tavern. They reflected on their museum visit, discussing the many intriguing artifacts they had seen. They were particularly surprised to learn that the Australian flag was once red before 1943. They also marvelled at the well-preserved Cockleshell Motorised Canoe, the last of its kind.

The discovery of Russian women snipers, particularly one credited with eliminating 309 enemy combatants, added to the group's knowledge. The members were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about military history and to share fellowship with one another.