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An Icy Experience at the Royal Botanical Gardens Hobart

Very recently a group of Probians from The Probus Club of Hobart Macquarie participated in an excursion to the picturesque  Royal Botanical Gardens, located on the shores of the Derwent River.

These gardens will celebrate their Bi-centenary in 2018, these gardens were attached to Tasmania’s Government House which is located next door. 

Within the precinct of the Gardens is the unique Australian Antarctic Foundation’s Sub-Antarctic Plant House. The Only Plant House of its type in the world!

Many members “experienced” the unique environment provided inside this Plant House which replicates that which people would experience should they visit Macquarie Island, in the Sub-Antarctic climes.

Since Oct 2000 plants have been transported from Macquarie Is and are nurtured/displayed within this special Plant House in a “created” climate found only on the Island.

Apart from a large variety of plants endemic to Macquarie Island the visit is further enhance by murals on the walls depicting scenes of the island, its topography and its inhabitants (seals, penguins, etc) also,  there are graphic sounds generated of wildlife during the various seasons and the ever present rain and wind are generated to complete the scenario.

Naturally it is an icy environment with very low temperatures, wind and rain, thus extra clothing is needed for comfort.”

The photo shows members in front of one of the murals and a variety of the unique plants.