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‘Putting’ on a show

On a beautiful sunny morning a group of members and partners from the Probus Club of Kingsley gathered at the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens to play the Club’s annual Mini Golf tournament.

The gardens were looking beautiful, plants alive with spring colour, trees offering plenty of shade made playing conditions very pleasant.

Completion was fierce within each group, with the occasional ‘hole-in-one’ greeted with cheers by some and groans by the nearest competitor for the lead. Play continued, blessed with a large amount of good fortune as players tackled the challenging and fun layouts with balls finishing close to the hole by some sort of miracle. Although some players claimed personal golfing skills were involved, this claim was often hotly debated…

Kevin’s amended rules avoided any major hold-ups at the more challenging obstacles and fairer outcomes for all players.

All enjoyed a well-deserved coffee and lunch at the finish where players scores were counted, and recounted, with Joan declared as the ladies’ winner and John as the men’s winner. All agreed it was a very enjoyable outing and a fun way to spend a morning.