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Royal Flying Doctor Service

Most Australians would be well aware of the essential and marvellous work performed by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

However, it is most enlightening to learn of the dedication, complexity and expense involved in this  not for profit endeavour. 44 members and partners of the WA Booragoon Men's Club visited the RFDS centre located at Jandakot.

Initially members had a most informative introduction, supported by video, to the extent of the operation, the training required and the funding needed for the specialised equipment required.

Despite the contribution provided through government sources, a very considerable sum is required from various fund raising efforts and donations.


Members learned that in one year, 7,556,000 kilometres was flown over WA's immense 2,500.000 square kilometres. In this time, 8,535 patients were flown, 15,413 attended clinics and there were 44,286 Telehealth consultations.

This required 5 Aero Medical Operating facilities, 17 RFDS aircraft, 1,896 Health care clinics and, of course all the highly trained doctors, nurses, pilots and operational staff. WA RFDS is currently awaiting arrival of new jet aircraft which will assist with the time required to operate over such vast distances. 

Following the introduction, members had escorted visits to various operational areas including the complex operational centre which co-ordinated all aspects including allocation of aircraft (including their necessary servicing every 3 weeks), medical and piloting staff etc.

On conclusion of this first rate visit, all attending then enjoyed a good lunch at the nearby Royal Aero Club Cafe.

Photos above show those attending and the high-tech Operational Centre.