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Corona Lament

The following poem was created by David Rae, a 92-year-old member of Kingscliff Probus Club, and submitted to us by fellow Kingscliff member Barrie Percival.


“David still rides his bike for 7km journeys and, now of course, we’re not able to have our weekly coffee together due to isolation and criteria restrictions,” Barrie said.

“However, I felt this poem is worthy of inclusion as a cheer-me-up to all members feeling constrained. Hope you, and all others in Probus, are still healthy.” 


By David Rae

Once there was friendship, fellowship, fun
That was before the world came undone.
Probians met monthly, kept up to date
Never a need to self-isolate
What might our friends be doing today?
Betty and Keith and Mervyn and Rae
Florence and Margaret, Katie and me
Alby and Robyn, Donald Ping Kee

Missing our mates, it’s never so sad,
Arthur and Wendy, Jennifer Ladd
Percival, Dillon, Larkin and Pope
So many others trying to cope
What’s Euan doin’? Keeping in touch
Drop him a line if it’s not too much
Tell him you’re heeding stringent demands
Sing happy birthday washing your hands

Red monkey’s empty, tables are bare
Nowhere to sit, there isn’t a chair
Ian’s despondent, life’s incomplete
Coffee’s OK but no one to greet
He hasn’t seen Mills, Bryan or Dart
Feeling as if he’s falling apart
Outings are cancelled, nothing to do
Where will it end? He hasn’t a clue

Do not despair, the light will turn green
We’ll see the last of COVID Nineteen
Soon there will come a sigh of relief
A shaking of heads and some disbelief
Smiles all around as we meet once more
Handshakes, embraces, kisses galore
When at long last the battle is won
Back will come friendship, fellowship, fun