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Howick East Combined: Mary's Mystery Tour

Howick East Combined: Mary's Mystery Tour

The mystery was revealed after the Club enjoyed a delicious coffee break at the wonderful retro “Refinery Cafe” in Paeroa.

A hidden gem with the best of home baking and full of 1950s memorabilia.

Members alighted the bus in the pretty little town of Te Aroha, where some soaked their bones in the mineral hot tubs andothers headed for the Museum and other pursuits.

The museum was housed in a beautiful old restored homestead and was filled with local memorabilia and knick knacks relating to the history of the town.

The pools, the cafe and the museum are all situated in the Domain gardens in the centre of town which had beautifully manicured lawns and gardens with water features running through.

We browsed the shops and found local eateries before boardingthe bus for home. Our trip home was a detour through little known country back roads to Howick.

Another lovely day out and members even had a concert party entertaining them from the back of the bus on the way home.

Maureen Saunders says "Thank you again Mary and David for all your organisation and research and being such great tour guides. I think we’ll keep you on."