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Summer Outdoor Activity Ideas

There are lots of activities that you can participate in outdoors while also having fun with your friends! 

Clubs can also break into small groups based on times or interests to participate. 

We have created a list of different options for you or your Club to consider below. 

1. Admire the nature through coastal walks, hiking, camping, fruit picking or quad biking. 

2. Soak up the breeze while fishing off the rocks or boarding on a ferry. 

3. Work up the energy while cycling, skipping, playing tennis, golf or badminton. 

4. Discover new produce through outdoor wine and cheese tasting or visit the markets. 

5. Explore a new talent with outdoor painting, aerobics or a garden DIY. 

6. Complete a '3 in 1' by organising a beach outing while trying a water sport. This could include surfing, swimming or water volleyball.