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Unique Museum

Recently a large group of Hobart Macquarie Members visited a Unique Boutique Museum which is housed and displayed in the Jane Franklin Hall Complex,  South Hobart,  known as COMA – (Collection of Medical Artefacts) Tasmania.


COMA contains and displays many and varied medical artefacts (instruments/items), from past eras which have been collected and/or donated by members of  the medical professions and hospitals in and around Southern Tasmania, which had been used, in the past, in daily medical procedures. It was interesting to note, from the age and presentation of many instruments/items the rapid advancements/improvements  that have been achieved in medical science.

Also, a library of medical books/references from local retired Medical Practitioners was on display.

A number of visiting Probians, whose past careers were in the medical profession, indicated they had used, or were familiar with, many of the instruments/items displayed. One member recognised items/instruments that were once used by her Grandfather and Uncle.

The visit/tour was interactive with members discussing the exhibits and past medical procedures with the COMA Guides.

Other members could relate to “experiencing” a sense of déjà vu when seeing again instruments that were used when they underwent medical procedures as youngsters.”

The above photos show members examining the exhibits.