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Blenheim Probus Club – Recruitment Drive

Blenheim Probus Club – Recruitment Drive.

The Club has been holding a blitz for new membership – starting with the Seniors Expo held locally and put on by the local Marlborough Council.

They had a list of 16 names to contact and to invite to the open meeting, a lot of interest was shown and the stand was very well received.

The following month, a display set up inside the Blenheim Library.

Both displays were backed up by some advertising in the local papers. 

Blenheim Probus Club is recieving continous calls and are delighted to see many new faces attend meetings.

They are thrilled to see these new faces are joining the regulars Club outings including movies, mid-Winter Christmas lunch and bus trips to local surroundings. 

The Club is in a healthy place with an increase in membership and more seniors are expected to join shortly.