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Simply the best

The Probus Club of Tuggeranong recently enjoyed a fully escorted Trade Travel tour to see the Tina Turner Musical.

The small group of holidaymakers departed by coach from cold Canberra to make their way up to Sydney where they met fellow Probians from QLD, VIC and from SA. How wonderful it was to visit the southern beaches of Sydney for sun, surf and good food.

Across the Harbour Bridge they spent three nights in very comfortable accommodation where from their hotel rooms they enjoyed stunning views of the magnificent Sydney Harbour.

All enjoyed a visit to Parramatta, cruised on the River Cat Ferry, mingled with the bustling crowd at Circular Quay, viewing the night lights while dining at the Sydney Tower Restaurant.

They enjoyed a guided tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House, though for many it was settling into the comfy seats in the theatre to view the Musical Tina Turner that was the highlight. What a show!

They had a guided tour of the magnificent St. Mary’s Cathedral followed by a visit to the Queen Victoria Building.

How quickly members formed friendships on this tour with others from the different locations.

As each went their separate ways to travel back to their respective homes, they realised what a memorable trip it was and the many attractions and activities they had enjoyed.

They had enjoyed Fun, Friendship, Fellowship, good food, great entertainment and enriching experiences.