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Ten Pin Bowling for Marrara Probus

Marrara Probus Club were out and about last month and this included going ten pin bowling.

After the usual delicious goodies at Caramello, they moved on to the bowling alley.

They had a very large turnout of 21 people. It was good to have Ros and Colleen join them from Charles Darwin Probus Club.

Also, it was good to have Marrara Probus Club represented by Cheryl and Bev.

Richard continued his winning streak with a score of 117. Nancy wasn’t far behind with 114, and Janet came next with 112.

Chris, Ed, Anne, and Cheryl managed to stay in the 100’s. Ed was much happier with his score of 103 this month.

Bev was the only scorer in the 90’s.

Robyn, Ros, Colleen, Molly, Robyn, and Elaine scored in the 80’s.

Anne, and Lyn Barlow managed to score in the 70’s.

Mara, and Henrietta were bringing up the rear with their scores in the 60’s.

Brian and Maxine were their chief supporters this time around.