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Milestone celebrations for New Lambton Honeysuckle Probus

The Probus Club of New Lambton Honeysuckle celebrated three important milestones in May.

Two of these events were anniversaries of the formation of the two original clubs that now make up their amalgamated club of New Lambton Honeysuckle. The other event was the anniversary of the formation of their amalgamated club.

On 2 May 1984, the Probus Club of New Lambton was formed and when formed it was the 111th Club to commence in New South Wales, and the 255th Club formed Australia wide.

On 2 June 1994, the Probus Club of Honeysuckle was formed.

On 25 February 2014, both clubs formally amalgamated to form the Probus Club of New Lambton Honeysuckle.

The first Probus Club in Australia was formed in 1976. So, it was only 8 years after Probus arrived in Australia that the origins of their present club began.

This enabled them to celebrate three events:

  • 40 years of operation for the New Lambton Club.
  • 30 years of operation for the Honeysuckle Club.
  • 10 years of operation of the amalgamated Club, New Lambton Honeysuckle Club.

One of the highlights of the celebration was the presentation of a certificate from Probus South Pacific to commemorate the event. The certificate was presented to Club President Barb.  It was presented by their centenarian member with 29 years of service, Jack who also celebrated his 101st birthday the day before the event.