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5 incredible experiences to have in Antarctica


Antarctica is the ultimate bucket-list destination.

Full of breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and out-of-this-world experiences, Antarctica is one of the most incredible places on the planet. If you want to know more, Intrepid have shared their top five experiences to have in Antarctica.

1. Join expert-led Zodiac excursions

When travelling on the Ocean Endeavour, you can enjoy twice daily excursions, including putting your feet on the 7th continent. Intrepid’s enviable crew-to-passenger ratio, suite of onboard experts and fleet of Zodiacs at the ready will ensure you never miss a beat. 

2. Spot wildlife around the clock

Onboard a small ship like the Ocean Endeavour, you can take every opportunity to embrace the adventure – if a whale is breaching off the bow or there's a chance to spot wildlife, you'll know about it. In fact, you'll even be encouraged to pause your meal to race to the deck to witness it first-hand.

3. Find your perfect Antarctic activity

Want to take your Antarctic adventure to the next level? Choose from a range of activities to add to your expedition - polar photography lessons, kayaking or snowshoeing, what takes your fancy? 

4. Become a citizen scientist

Have a chance to observe, record and report on natural phenomena as part of Intrepid’s collaboration project with Antarctic scientists. Their dedicated Citizen Science Coordinator will lead guest-focused initiatives to maximise your contribution to scientific research.

5. Take the polar plunge

Jumping into -1.8C degree water may not seem like a great idea at first. But for those who make it this far south, it’s become a rite of passage and the exhilaration will stay with you long after you dry off. 

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