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Sailors ahoy

Shrove Tuesday, February 25, or what is known as Pancake Day in Australia, was celebrated by 28 members of the Unley Probus Club with a delicious breakfast of pancakes at Port Adelaide.

Invigorated by the pancakes, members embarked on a walking tour around historical Port Adelaide to admire the “Wonderwalls” created by international, national and local artists.

Following the walk and now with salty air stirring the blood, a trip on the brigantine ‘One and All’ appealed, but when they learned a sailing trip involves climbing the 20-metre masts, a photo shoot was deemed a better alternative.

The name Shrove comes from the old middle English word “Shriven” meaning to go to confession to say sorry for the wrong things you've done. Pancake Day, comes from the old English custom of using up all the fattening ingredients in the house before Lent, so that people were ready to fast during Lent.