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Mad as Hatters

Have you ever had that weird feeling that you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole into an alternate reality?

Well…  if you had been lurking around the Probus Club of Eaton on the afternoon of 14 February 2023, you would have felt just that. There were Mad Hatters, March Hares, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, hats full of cakes, hats full of whistles, a cheeky Playboy bunny, a really strange woman with a bird cage on her head, a walking rose bush, a Tyrolean maid and her big-hatted friend, a one-eyed purple people eater and presiding over all was blonde Alice and her other Alice friends. 

In fact, it was the Probus Club of Eaton Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea.

After a good laugh at all the effort put into the costumes, members sat down to a lovely afternoon tea. There were sausage rolls, savoury mini muffins and cucumber sandwiches (other flavours as well). Then came a wonderland of sweets – Queen of Hearts tarts, heart shortbread, cupcakes and wonderful (or should we say “magical”) meringue mushrooms – but the only effect they had on size was in the waistlines. 

Then it was time to put masks on (not for Covid) and play Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat.

Throughout all of this was our magical fellowship. It was certainly worth all the effort put into the costumes and of course all the effort put in by Dorothy and Les. A very lucky Club. Thank you.