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Probus Day in the ACT

Twelve members of Tuggeranong Probus Club gathered for a picnic lunch in the picturesque surrounds of a secluded picnic spot in Weston Park, Yarralumla.

Members laid out the fare on tables or on laps and rested back on comfortably cushioned fold-up chairs. 

The day was beautiful – a magical spring day in Canberra. The lake was calm and the beach area of the shore was deserted. Black swans waddled along the grass verge beside the lake, myna birds were pilfering crumbs around the Club, but a large pelican was undisturbed by it all, asleep on a pontoon in the lake.

The group relaxed, shared stories, laughed and had an enjoyable picnic lunch. A big thank you to those who joined the group – a lovely way to celebrate.