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Poem: Probus Day

The following poem was written by Jean Watson of the Probus Club of Hastings Point Tweed Coast and will be read out when the Club meets at Pottsville on Thursday, October 1, 2020, aka Probus Day.

Jean has been kind enough to share her poem with us.

Probus Day

Welcome to our PROBUS DAY. Greetings everyone!
Let’s enjoy the Fellowship, the Friendship and the Fun.
We are living in difficult times: we’re not completely free.
But with careful thought and Covid planning, it’s as good as it can be.

We miss so much but still we have so many things to do,
Like greeting others with a smile and asking ‘How are you?’
If we maintain a social distance and even wear a mask
We can still communicate: it isn’t a difficult task.

For 44 years a Probus Club has been on Australian land
And we are proud that Hastings Point is part of that noble band.
Members have worked hard all their lives and now deserve a break.
To share a meal, enjoy a talk, is a tonic we all can take.

So do your best to enjoy this day, despite what lies ahead.
Probus is always here to help, to bring you peace instead
Of worry about future days and all the present pain.
We’ll offer Fellowship and Fun and Friendship again and again.