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About Us


 The club was established in 1993 and the inaugural president was Vern Harrison.

Currently we have 1 Foundation members still attending and 35 members with more than 10 years involvement.

Past Presidents

in order

Vern Harrison, Heather Trallagan, Dudley Liebelt,Marcia Clark, John Flett,Dorothy Woolley, Don Dohnt, Brenda Ferguson, Vic Stone, Vida Liebelt, Bob Hunter, Avrill Oates, John Bushell, Marilyn Speck, Brian Lovegrove, Beverly Dilena, Albert Oates, Betty Cartmel, Brian Dodd, Kathleen Smith, Roger Hall, Gail Duboi Roger Halls, Henry Allen, Roemary McKenzie, John McKenzie, Jill Hughes-Jones, Roger Meeks, Hazel Price. Roger Hall.

Activities that occur each month.

On the first Wednesday of the month we have a short business  meeting followed by morning tea and a chance to socialise.  This is usually followed by a guest speaker, or entertainment of different sorts.  After the meeting lunch is organised at a local hotel which may change regularly for variety.  All are welcome. In May we have a birthday party to celebrate the club’s birthday and in September we have a friendship day.  This year,2023, is a special year as we celebrate 30 years of the club.

On the second Wednesday members meet for a short walk followed by coffee at a local cafe. Coffee is very imortant and if the walk is not attended members join us for coffee.  We visit interesting areas in the North Eastern suburbs.  The group is called The D'Erlanger  Dawdlers and is more social than active walking.  Again all are welcome.,Our third monthly activity, on the third Wednesday in the month, is an outing to a venue of general interest. which again is followed by lunch at a nearby hotel, or restaurant.  We may venture further on a bus trip or shared cars excurion.  Always an interesting day.

Joining our Club

Prospective members are encouraged to attend 3 meetings to ensure they enjoy the club before officially being inducted into the club.

Members are encouraged to participate in all club activities and while attending a meeting or outing are covered for accidents by Probus General Insurance  Attractive travel insurance is also avaiable, to be purchased through Probus, for domestic and international travel.


  • You never get any fun out of things you haven't done
  • Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.
  • I plan to on living for forever. So far so good.