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Mansfield Mens Probus Inc. Newsletter September 2021

Hi folk, we have decided to attempt to publish a newsletter 4 6 times a year so that we can all be up to date with our club goings on. This will also be published on our website for all to see.

Mansfield Probus was started in August 1991 after discussion and support from Mansfield Rotary.

The 12 CHARTER members were, Garnett Batchelor, Alan Carter, Humphrey Colquhoun, Norm Conran, Brian Cooper, Colin Crawford, Brian Curtis, George Darcy, Bart Dinsmore, Ron McGregor, Harry Nix and Graeme Walker.

The very first CLUB meeting was held on Tuesday, 20th August 1991.

Our thanks to Neville Mathieson for this information and a copy of the Report from Rotary outlining the new venture. Attached on Website.

What an incredible year we have all had in 2020 and to date in 2021.

Jan 2020, Mansfield beset by a complete power outage in excess of 48hrs disrupting business, holidays, tourism, our lives and much much more.

Feb 2020, Mansfield declared a bush fire zone and shut to outside visitors etc..

From Mar 2020. And after all that we then started to cope with the effects on us and our community during the worst pandemic to hit for over a 100yrs. Who would have thought we would still be involved with Covid nearly 1 1⁄2 years later..

But even though we missed some meetings and some outings we still were able to attract 14 new members to be welcomed to our club.. A great achievement and testimony to our resilience.

Covid Diaries 1, 2 & 3 gave us a small chance to smile during these times. Check them out on the website.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

Catching up with our members. Personal Profiles.
Hopefully we can get a number of profiles of our longer standing members to you over the next period of

time to allow us all to know a little more about our Club

George Darcy

George now resides in Buckland house Mansfield

Member since 1991. George is one of the inaugural members of this club.

Wife.. Rita (Deceased) George has 6 Children, 17 Grandchildren and 10 Great grand Children.... Enough for three cricket teams.. well done George..

George worked for his Dad in a General store whilst going to University. Graduated in Industrial Chemistry. He worked in the Meat trade for Vestys, small goods, canned hams etc.

After leaving Vestys, George worked again with his Dad in his new store in Nth Brisbane.

He then started work with Shell, moved to Melbourne and was with them for 30 years in various roles including Sales. George has interests in Travel, Gardening and has renovated 13 houses in 3 State over the years... A busy Man.

John Nuttman.

Neil Moehr.

Member since 1993, now a life member.
Wife.. Marilyn. John has 4 Children and 3 Grandchildren

John Started working at Industrial Sales and Service (ISAS) in the Rum Jungle (Uranium Mine), Northern Territory servicing machinery.

He then spent 30 Years working with the SEC (State Electricity Co) at Yallourn, Hazelwood in maintenance, instrument fitting etc. He worked 3 shifts before becoming Charge Engineer at Yallourn

John loves travelling, Bushwalking, Sailing and is a member of U3A.

Member since 2008

Neil grew up and lived mostly in the UK, plus 3yrs in Singapore. His family moved back to the UK and then to Australia.

Neil started his long career in the Travel industry with Thomas Cook when he was 18. He was transferred to Thomas Cook UK for a couple of years, and then back to Melbourne. Neil lived in Richmond, moved to ANZ Corporate Travel department.

He subsequently left after a few years and opened his own company in 1989. Neil moved to Mansfield in 2000.

Neil’s interests include Philately, Matchbox Car collecting, Gardening and Freemasons.


In one of our strangest years we have still managed to have a few really good outings with hopefully many more to come once we free ourselves from the burden of the pandemic.

Well, we now have a Roadmapwith lots of dead ends and provisos on it.. We need a special GPS system to follow it..

Future Outings September 29th November 24th Presidents Picnic Resilience Lunch Ovens Valley Outing

Currently all CONJECTURE. New Dates as things are clearer

October 27th Unfortunately not happening..
December 8th Grant Luncheon and Christmas Get together.. More info to follow.. March 2022
?????????? Feb 2022
???? Lawn Bowls??? Rosehaven????