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Abbotsford Chiswick Probus

Speaker for the Month 2019

Meeting: 20th August, Jo-Anne Berthelsen





 19 Feb

Peter Nonnenmacher

Financial Planner


 19 Mar

Charles Lindstrom

The Windjammer

The only windjammer left today in the world in sailable condition.

 16 Apr

Gillian Lewis

Maritime Museum

Story of the Maritime Museum and what they do there.

 21 May

Johanna Wilcox

Living with the Enemy

My mother and father both worked for the resistance. Their home was used to shelter allied servicemen and Jewish families.

 18th June

Fergus Haynes

Official Visitor to NSW

Since stepping down from the role of Official Visitor Fergus has been advocating for the reform of sentencing, incarceration and rehabilitation.

 16th July

Pauline Keyvar

Huntington's NSW

What is Huntington's Disease /who is affected/what support is offered to families/how the organisation reaches out to support families.

20th August

Jo-Anne Berthelsen

Authors Journey

Jo-Anne will be speaking about her journey as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. She grew up in Brisbane and worked as a high school teacher, editor and local church minister in Sydney before beginning her writing career around twelve years ago.

17th September

Julie Wood

Health and wellbeing


15th October

Tina Hyman


Tina has been designing and making jewellery for 30+ years’. She will talk about her journey,  how she makes her jewellery and will be displaying/selling her jewellery

19th November

Kathryn Zerk


Choral leader of Drummoyne Community Choir


Fergus       was born in lreland and after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant worked for Nortel in Canada, the World Bank in Washington DC, and the W.R.Carpenter Group in Australia and Papua New Guinea. In 1983 he joined the Liberal Party Secretariat in NSW and soon found himself involved in the Peacock/Howard leadership struggle.Having survived the federal leadership changes, and the departure of three State Directors  within seven years he decided when he was Acting State Director under John Hewson's leadership that it was time to move on - before he was 'moved on'.

As CEO of Life Education Australia from 1991 he was responsible for delivering its substance abuse preventative education programme to over one million primary school children in Australia and introducing Life Education in to South Africa and other countries.