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Our History (The oldest Probus Club in Brisbane) 

In early March 1980 it was suggested that the Rotary Club of Salisbury sponsor a Probus Club in Salisbury.

Soon after on 2nd April 1980 the first Meeting of the Probus Club of Salisbury was held. At that time it was a mens only club.
John Harper being the first President in 1980, and again in 1981.

He was followed in 1982 by Neville Gilvary, 1983-1984 Jack Pratt, 1988 John Harper, and in 1989 Jack Farrell.

The Probus Club of Salisbury was the first Probus Club in Brisbane, and the third to be established in Queensland. The first being at Toowoomba formed in February 1978 and followed by the Probus Club of South Port in June 1979.

Initially the club was a mens club and met in Members Homes, however by the time that Membership had increased to 19 Members the Club manged to sceure a meeting Room at the Senior Citizens Club.

By Late 1990 the Membership of the Club had declined and it was decided to move the club to another suburb in order to gain access to a larger populated area. It was hoped that this would provide the club with the opportunity in gaining more Members.

Algester was chosen as it was a relitavely new suburb at that time. Algester Sports club was approached and it was agreed that we could meet there free of charge. This meant a name change to the Probus Club of Algester & Districts.
The first Meeting at Algester was on 1st October 1990 with a membership of 14 Members.

In early 1991 the Club made Mary McKew an Honorary Member. Although Salisbury had been a mens club the ladies had been actively invloved in the Clubs activities.

On the 19th June 1991 at the Clubs change over dinner it was decided to allow ladies to join. It then become a combined Club.

On 14th November 1995 the Club received its Incorporation Certificate, and by 2000 the club had grown to 65 Members.

The first President of the Algester Club was:
1990  Ernie Bradley
1991  Jerry Stegman
1992  Fred Cox
1993  Stan Steffan
1994  John Harper
1995  Keith Robinson
1996  Mary Mc Kew
1997  Keith Robinson
1998  Fred Cox
1999  Harry Auld
2000  Kon Seidel
2001  Peter Kennerley
2002  Jim Pottenger
2003  Brian Dwyer
2004  Ken Ritchie
2005  Norma Hourigan
2006  John Carnsdale
2007  Peter Martin
2008  Brian Dwyer
2009  Catherine Wagner
2010  John Brocket
2011  LenHourigan/ Ron Lee
2012  Deidre Brocket
2013  Pamela Harrison
2014/2015 Brian Gilmore
2016/2017 Ian Patterson
2018/2019   David Smith
2020   Graham Pilsworth