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Each of our 15 Activity Groups has its own convenor.
   Garden Club

Meets in homes or local gardens.  Several day trips or overnight trips each year.

Second Thursday at 2pm

The Crafty Ones

Meets in members homes for individual work or a group activity. Occasional excursion.

First Thursday, 1.30pm

Tbe Book Club

Book discussion  in members homes - books provided by Central Highlands Libraries.

Third Thursday 1.30pm


Beyond the Book

Discussion meeting based on either a book, an author or a theme chosen by members.

Fourth Wednesday at 1.30pm

Poetry and Music

Members usually read a poem (often original) based on the chosen theme.

First Monday at 1.30pm

Movie Lovers

Interested members get together to see a movie in pleasant company. A discussion over coffee may follow.



Members meet in a members home for play and convivial company.

2nd and 4th Mondays at 2pm

The Card Sharp Pack

Meet in a members home for a game (usually 500).  All are welcome.

Fourth Tuesday 7pm


An interesting and popular card game combined with coffee and cake at a local cafe.

Third Wednesday at 1.30pm



By our own Trivia Master with questions to suit our cohort.  Naturally includes  supper.

Third Friday at 7.30pm

The Walking Group

A weekly walk (about 45 mins slow or fast) or just come for the coffee at Lake View.

Every Wednesday at 9.15am

The Walking Group

Occasional ‘out of town walks’ arranged as well as an annual 4 or 5 night trip.

As arranged.


Stroll and Sip

Dinner if you wish after a gentle local walk usually highlighting a historical aspect.

Third Thursday 4 or 5pm

The Keenagers

Table Tennis at the centre in Dowling Street.

Tuesdays and Fridays 1-3pm


Rides are flat, gentle and sociable and incorporate a coffee stop.

Mondays at 10am


Caravan and Cabin Group

The convenor usually organises one very popular Annual Trip of 4 nights but this can vary.

In 2020 the trip will be to Swan Hill.

  In addition there is the Footy Tipping Group during winter and a Group of Lawn Bowlers who attend Probus Tournaments.