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The beginnings of Beecroft Combined PROBUS Club

Probus South Pacific Limited analysed census/demographic data alongside other existing Probus district clubs identifying a need and opportunity to create Beecroft Combined Probus Club Inc (The Club). 

Joined by the Hon Philip Ruddock AO, Mayor of Hornsby, at a public meeting held at Beecroft Community Centre on September 8, 2023 The Club was established that day and NSW Fair Trading issued the Club’s Certificate of Incorporation on September 15, 2023.

We thank the Rotary Club of Beecroft for confirming sponsorship for establishment of The Club.  Whilst sponsored by Rotary, and although operating synergistically alongside them, Probus seeks to be self-funding and members are not required to have any direct membership of Rotary.  One of the advantages of Probus is that it is all about fun, friendship and fellowship with fellow retirees.  Probus Clubs are neither service nor fundraising entities and are purely social.

46 foundation members joined as at The Club’s First General Meeting on October 13, 2023.     The initial committee members appointed by that date are considered to be Foundation Committee Members.