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Rediscover your favourite activities in retirement

Today’s media is full of advisory stories for Over 50s with one common theme…the need to stay “active in retirement”, generally attached to a photo of some seniors abseiling or white water rafting. But our senior years are not always about THAT type of activity, and that’s what THIS story is all about!

In my youth I must have been a member of about a dozen or so clubs, each one catering to any one of my many social activities like sports, walking, table games and others. I had a wide range of interests, but as time wore on and I got older, my priorities changed, the amount of spare time I had changed, and my responsibilities at work and at home all took their toll on my social life. I gave up most of those memberships over the years and never found the time to go back to them.

As we age, our interests also change and mature, so we tend to let our old favourites go in the hope that one day we can take them up again.

That time is now! Our senior years are here, and we now have the perfect time to rediscover our favourite activities with likeminded people once again!

I recently went to a Probus Club get-together and while I was expecting a pleasant social meal and a chat, what I got was so much more.

Before I went, I did my research so I know that there’s over 125,000 Probus Club members around Australia and New Zealand and they have regular social meetings and get-togethers, as well as trips and tours.

What I didn’t know was that each Club has its own collection of “Interest Groups” formed by the members who contribute their own ideas and turn them into a great range of activities for anyone who chooses to join in.

From simple table games like Scrabble and cards, to the light activities of walking, photography and cycling, right through to sailing and fishing, world cruising and many, many others.

Anyone can form an Interest Group, for any activity, and Probians are quick to take up the invitation to join in on the fun especially when it’s one of the things they used to enjoy previously. And members can of course belong to as many or as few Groups as they choose.

Each Probus Club has its own Interest Groups, because each and every Club is different, with a different set of members and different geography, and because of this it’s not uncommon for Clubs to join forces for a particular activity. Day trips are a favourite and can involve four or five Clubs or more depending on the destination, and these are determined by one of the Interest Groups, like museums, galleries, wineries or scenic locations off the beaten track.

Rediscover the activities you thought you’d forgotten by joining a Probus Club and begin to enjoy retirement with like-minded people!

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