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          Congratulations to our New Members


                               Joan Brown and President Sabina - May 2024


    Susan Harvey , Barbara McGhee, Lorraine Pescatore , President Sabina

                       O’Donoghue, Ruth and Bill Reed - April 2024


               Our New 2024 President Sabina O'Donoghue

                   inducted by Past President Geoff Kirton.


          Congratulations to our New Members

                              President David with Jan Wright, Barbara Elsworthy and John Elseworthy



         President David with Lorraine Canny, John Canny and Coral Kakavas



                             President David with new member Sharon Quirk 



   President Jan with new members Sabina O'Donoghue, John Tosh and Alice Hose


                                                                                                      President Jan with new Member Wendy Conroy