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Guest Speaker February 2024

President John introduced our guest speaker our own Treasurer Barry Taylor who gave an intersting travelouge through Central Australia. with some terific photographs.

Guest Speaker March 2024

The Mayor of Burnside Anne Monceaux gave a most instructive address on a wide range of matters concerning the Burnside Council.  She included topic such as freight vehicles on Portrush Rd., the history of the district, Hills-Face developments, the emerging community, planning, a vision for the area, the development of services and facilities and finally the environment.

Guest Speaker April 2024

In conjunction with Bernard Whimpress Ian wrote a book entitled “Buffalo Men” telling the story of some of his family in the Northern Territory. It focussed predominantly on Joe Cooper, an early Northern Territory pioneer sometimes described as the King of Melville Island, and his son Reuben Cooper, an outstanding sportsman widely recognised as the founder of Australian Rules football in Darwin and an aboriginal rights activist.