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Membership Information and Attendance Lists

Membership information and attendance list for all approved events are retained by the club for a period of at least 13 months.

Standing Resolutions 2023


The Probus Club of Burraneer Inc. (hereinafter called “the Club”) shall be managed by a set of Standing Resolutions approved and adopted by members.

  1. 1.     MANAGEMENT
  2. The Club shall be managed by a Management Committee (herein after called “the Committee”), comprising a President, one or two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Membership Officer, an Activities Co-ordinator, an Editor and up to two other committee members.  These Officers shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  The immediate Past President shall be a member, ex officio, of the Committee with voting rights.  In performing their duties, elected office bearers shall conform to the Constitution and follow the guidelines set out in the "Probus Club Handbook - Helpful Guidelines for Club Officers".
  3. The Secretary is confirmed as the Public Officer and is responsible for executing the duties set out under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 in addition to normal secretarial duties.
  4. The Committee is authorised to appoint a Probus Liaison Officer (with email access to allow communication with Probus South Pacific Ltd. (herein after called “PSPL”) who is not a sitting member of the committee.
  5. The Committee is authorised to appoint assistants for any of the positions as deemed necessary.  Such assistants are not sitting members of the Committee and are not entitled to vote.  However, if the assistant is acting for the officer in his/her absence, then the assistant would have one vote representing the officer.
  6. The Treasurer and one other delegated officer of the Committee, appointed by the Committee are authorised to use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) banking system for Club accounts.
  7. The Committee shall, at the Annual General Meeting, appoint a person(s) for the position of Auditor. 
  1. 2.     MEMBERSHIP
  2. The maximum number of Ordinary Membership of the Club shall be one hundred and forty (140) which may only be amended at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. The subscription payable by members shall be $75.00 per annum, comprising Membership fee of $25.00 and Meeting Venue charge of $50.00, and shall be reviewed by the Committee in January of each year and, if change is considered desirable, shall be referred to the Annual General Meeting for amendment.                                                                                                                                           Amended 27 March 2023
  4. New members joining after the first quarter of the financial year shall be entitled to a reduced subscription as provided for in the Constitution.
  5. The joining fee payable by a member on admission to the Club shall be $10.00 which will be reviewed by the Committee in January in each year and, if so decided by the Committee, shall be referred to the Annual General Meeting for amendment.
  6. Non-active Membership may be conferred upon a member who, because of carer responsibilities, illness or physical disability has been granted leave of absence by the Club.  The subscription payable by non-active members shall be $20.00 per annum and shall be reviewed by the Committee in January of each year and if change is considered desirable shall be referred to the Annual General Meeting for amendment. 

Amended 27 March 2023 

  1. There shall not be more than two (2) Honorary members at any one time.  A register shall be kept by the Secretary.
  2. There shall not be more than three (3) Life members at any one time.  Only one (1) Life member may be appointed in any one Probus Year.  A register shall be kept by the Secretary.
  3. Members of any other Probus Club may be admitted to membership of the Probus Club of Burraneer Inc.

Amended 22 January 2018 

  1. The Committee shall endeavour to maintain a balance of not more than 60 per cent of either gender.
    1. 3.     MEETINGS
    2. The Club shall meet monthly on the Fourth Monday of each month at the Cronulla Golf Club.
    3. The Club, by decision of the members, may meet at a different time, date or venue.
    4. The Club shall establish a protocol for recording all attendances as well as receiving genuine apologies.  Such apologies shall be given to the Secretary or Membership Officer, in writing, by email or verbally, prior to the commencement of such meeting.
    5. Members leaving early from Club meetings shall sign the early departure list at the membership table.
  1. 4.     VENUE

The cost of venue hire which includes morning tea will be met by annual payment in advance by Ordinary members as part of their subscription and payment on the day of any meeting by those Non-Active members and Visitors in attendance.                                                                                            Amended 26th March 2018

  1. 5.     NON-MEMBERS

The Committee shall:

  1. Annually account for the number of non-members regularly attending Club meetings and/or activities.  Non-members shall include the Club's self-assessed status of associates, affiliates, carers and other individuals attending Club meetings and/or activities outside the Club's protocol for visitor attendance.
  2. Annually include a budget allocation for payment of non-member fees and authorise the Treasurer to remit the annual fee payment to PSPL on behalf of the Club.  Exemption - no count or fee applies for carers and financial members of other Probus Clubs.
  3. Visitors (except applicants on the waiting list) may attend a maximum of 4 meetings annually.
  1. 6.     WAITING LIST

The Club shall adopt a protocol to manage and maintain a waiting list for membership as follows:

  1. An application shall be made in writing on the application form approved by the Committee and shall be sponsored by two current members of the Club and approved by a majority of the Committee.
  2. No fees shall be received or accepted from an applicant until their application for membership has been approved by the Committee.
  3. Names of approved applicants shall be added to the waiting list in order of the dates on which the applications are approved.  Once approved, multiple applications to be added in order of receipt.
  4. Those persons included on the waiting list may attend all Club meetings and activities and shall be required to meet associated costs in attending as determined by the Committee.
  5. The waiting list shall be limited to 12.
  1. 7.     PRIVACY

The Club shall operate under a Privacy Policy which is displayed on the Club’s website.


The Club shall operate under a Tours & Activities Policy which is displayed on the Club’s website.


The Club shall operate under a Risk Management Policy which is displayed on the Club’s website.


These Standing Resolutions, excluding those articles related to the Annual General Meeting, may be amended at any general meeting of this Club, a quorum being present, by the affirmative vote of not less than 75% of the members present and voting, notice of such proposed amendment(s) having been published to all members at least twenty-one (21) days before such meeting.

Risk Management Procedures


Part 1 - General Statement of Club Risk Management Policy

This policy has been approved by the Probus Club of Burraneer Inc. (hereinafter called the "Club") in recognition of the need to minimise any risk to members/guests/visitors which might arise as a result of their panicipation in Club activities. It is also designed to help the Committee and organisers of activities in their functions within the Club and to protect the Club and its members in the event of any action being taken.

The Club does not claim this manual to be a comprehensive document but covers the important areas to provide a safe environment for members/guests/visitors.

Members/guests/visitors are responsible for their personal wellbeing while attending Club meetings and participating in Club activities.

Additional documents that supplement the Risk Management Procedures are the Privacy Policy (Standing Resolution 7) and Tours and Activities Policy (Standing Resolution 8). All three documents are on display at all meetings and are available to members/guests/visitors.

Health and Safety Regulations: Compliance with Regulations relevant to resources used by the Club during an activity - conveyances, facilities, equipment, foodstuffs, pedestrian ways, venues, accommodation and services - is the responsibility of the supplier. When such resources are provided by the Club it becomes the responsibility of the Commlttee to ensure awareness of the provisions of relevant Regulations, and the conduct of the activity having due regard to such requirements. Direction in the overall management of the Club is provided to the Committee in the Club's Constitution and Standing Resolutions.

Part 2 - Safety at Meeting Venue

  1. The Committee will ensure that in the case of an emergency:
    1. A record of members/guests/visitors attending is kept and available.
    2. A record of members/guests/visitors leavmg the meeting early is kept and available.
    3. A list of each member's and waiting member's emergency contact and phone number is available.
  2. The President will appoint a member to:
    1. Check before each meeting that venue is satisfactory and free of potential hazards, with due regard to persons with disabilities.
    2. Liaise with venue management regarding emergency evacuation procedures and assembly points.
  3. The Vice-President or nommee is to respond to an occurrence of illness or injury, where wananted, by:
    1. seeking immediate help by a qualified person, if present (member or venue staff)
    2. calling Ambulance Service
    3. contact with next-of-kin, if appropriate
    4. informing venue management.

Privacy Policy


The Club is subject to the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 in Australia and information collected in relation to members shall be held in accordance with the information Privacy Principles contained in the Act. The Club undertakes to comply with such information Privacy Principles and shall not disclose any information except in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Pursuant to this compliance:

It is a condition of membership of this Club that each member consents, pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988, to personal information in the form of his/her name, residential address, email address, telephone numbers, photograph and office held in the Club being included in any Club or Probus publication.

  1. An application form for membership shall contain the following statement above the signature panel of the applicant: "I consent to my name, address, email address and telephone numbers being included in a Membership List to be distributed only to members of the Probus Club of Burraneer Inc.

and not distributed or sold to outside agencies. "

  1. The Club may publish and distribute a Membership List within the Club and the Club shall ensure, prior to publication, that all members have given approval for inclusion. Notice should be included in the Membership List: "This Membership List is for the exclusive use of members of the Probus Club of Burraneer Inc. "
  2. The Club shall include an endorsement in the Club newsletter stating: "This publication is private and confidential, for Probus use only. "
  3. Medical condition details should not be made available to any person or body without prior approval of the member concerned. Medical cards are not the responsibility of the Club or a delegated tour leader. They must remain the responsibility of individuals to keep current and to hold personally.
  4. When supplying PSPL with our annual list of members, the Committee are authorised to release only member names. Any alteration to releasing addresses and contact details must be approved by members.

Tours and Activity Policy



  1. Each person is responsible for her or his personal well-being and is to consider all preliminary information provided and not nominate for an activity if not fit to take part.
  2. At relevant activities, each person should remain in the company of others from the group (save single accommodation) and not leave the party without first advising the organiser in person.

When appropriate, each person hand to the organiser, in confidence, before departure of a trip, written details of any medication or medical conditions which, in the event of illness or injury, may be required by attending medical or emergency personnel and which the individual may not be able to provide personally.

  1. Provide to the Club a contact facility for next-of-kin or preferred person to be advised and authorise the Committee's nominee to do so, should the need arise.
  2. If any person cancels from any activity after paying a deposit/full payment and the Club cannot recoup this money, it is the responsibility of that person to find a replacement, otherwise the money is forfeited.
  3. When participating in an activity organised by another Probus club, the policy of that club applies.
  4. Where an activity is in the nature of a tour of several days' duration and advance payments are required, each person shall be encouraged to arrange Travel Insurance.