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Guest Speakers for 2018/19:


"We have been lucky with our Guest Speakers and have had a wide range of interesting speakers including:

Melbourne's layout and interesting pioneers from the John Batman days..
The family behind the mighty Sherrin football. 
"Let's Laugh" a very bright and breezy speaker to keep our lives happy.
Bike riding experiences of our female speaker through China.
RACV speakers have spoken to us on "Personal and Home Safety" and Healthy Ageing and Staying Connected"
An organ donor recipient - she had made good use of her liver transplant.
Three of our own members each give a twenty minute talk on the day, we have had fascinating presentations.

We don't have many members "nod off" with our speakers"

Feb 2019 - Julie   "The Dingo Lady" She left a small gift appropriate to the garden group.

March 2019 - Janet talked to us on her grandfathers life as an announcer on 3LO, his work spanned 60 years.

April 2019 -  Three of our own members, each to give a 10 minute talk as we have our 20th year celebrations.