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A variety of activities and tours are held throughout the year. The calendar is flexible and referance to the latest newsletter/email up-dates/direct contact with the Club is necessary to confirm the current schedule;

Regular activities areas follows:

GOLF - 1st Wednesday and 3rd Monday each month mornings - Glenview par-3 Golf Course. Social golf - hackers welcome.

WALK 'N' TALK - 2nd Tuesday morning each month - different route each month, with a coffee-stop.

BOARD GAMES - 2ND Thursday each month - held at a member's home - limited numbers.

MAH-JONG - Every Friday afternoon - held at a member's home - limited numbers.

MOVIES - Big Screen Cinema, Caloundra as advised in newsletter - Coffee stop after the show.


GENERAL MEETING -3rd Tuesday morning each month - Rumba Resort, 10 Leeding Tce, Calounbdra (check current newsletter - variations include AGM(March)/Christmas meeting/lunch (November)/No meeting December.

LUNCH - 4th Tuesday each month 12noon - different location each month - arranged by member roster.

BREAKFAST - 1st Sunday each month  9am- different location each month - refer newsletter/emails.

DRINKS IN THE PARK - 2nd Sunday each month - Winter 3.30pm/Summer 4.00pm - location advised in newsletter - BYO everything.

CROQUET- 1st & 3rd Monday each month (subject to change) - Caloundra Mallet Club, Arthur Street, Caloundra - equipment provided.

COMMITTEE MEETING - 1st Monday each month 2pm - McGrath Real Estate office - members welcome.

TOURS - Usually 1st Tuesday each month - refer newsletter/meeting briefings. Tours vary from local points of interest to trips away for 2 - 3 days.