AUS: 1300 630 488    NZ: 0800 1477 6287

The Club was formed 31st  July 2002 at an inaugural meeting sponsored by the Charlestown Rotary Club. At this meeting it was agreed that the Constitution and By – Laws of Probus Centre South Pacific adopted and our Club was to be known as the Charlestown Central Combined Probus Club.  

The Club was subsequently Incorporated  effective  7th August 2003.

The inaugural Club President was Audrey Barnard who was followed by Lionel Roberts, Nance Adams OAM, Ed Jarrett, Gerry Vero, Richard Braiding, Norma Sellers, Frank McCallum, Sue Ebrill, Edward Roberts, Jenny Vout, Alan Thomas, Jan Bennett, Allen Davies, Yvonne Roberts, Doug Saxon, Jenny Finch, John Evans and our current President Judith Cooper. 

Whilst membership was originally restricted to 100 this was subsequently raised to 140 and has fluctuated from the inaugural 59 to a maximum of 137. The present membership stands at 130 this is reviewed each year and at present is now capped at 130.

InOctober 2005 Stan Bowie, who had been Club Treasurer since the formation of the Club, was presented with the Club’s first Life Membership.

The Club has an active committee who organize coach trips, barbeques, picnics, historical walks, dining out and theatre outings. They also arrange a Club Birthday Luncheon in July each year and the annual Christmas Luncheon each November.                                           

During the remainder of our monthly meetings members also enjoy a diverse list of guest speakers or entertainers.

The Club meets at Central Charlestown Leagues Club at 10.30am third Wednesday of the month. Meeting dates shown under meetings tab.