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 Creswick Probus Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ballarat East, started with a
  meeting in the Creswick Town Hall on 17 March, 2004, to gauge potential interest.

The result was affirmative and the Club was formally established at a subsequent ‘Foundation Meeting’ in the
Creswick RSL hall on 6 April, attended by representatives from Rotary, Probus’ governing body (Probus South Pacific)
and 38 interested invitees who were inducted as Foundation Members.

It received its Accreditation Certificate at its first general meeting on 4 May that was open to the public and
attracted an additional 63 members. Subsequent meetings were held in the larger St Andrew’s Church Hall.

Membership has remained approx. 100.

                     Foundation Executive: Treasurer, Vice Pres., President and Secretary



Carol Cole                President

Richard Hutton       Vice President

Bob Orr                     Secretary

John Coffey              Treasurer

Ron Armstrong       Outings/Activities

Judith Caddy            Outings/Activities; Welfare

Kelvin Emmett        Historian, Membership

Joyce Head               Newsletter/Publicity

Lori Hutton              Speaker Guests

Margaret Orr           Hospitality, Outings/Activities

*The above information is copied from the book ‘Reflections’

 a celebration of Creswick Probus Club’s first ten years 2004-2014

 Designed and published by:  Ray Spencer for Creswick Probus Club