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Annual Event 2021 Go-Karting!




Winners are Grinners. The Champ declined to 'do a shoey', or even just buy champagne for everyone. Unbelievable.

Some dodgy bank robbers tried to blend in with us! Try to pick them.

(The sign is just for old people, so we can remember where we were.)

Ready to go. Almost the only time there was any order.

The other time. Heat 2, start

Some tight action in the corner

Look out, that bloke with the red helmet is coming!

The red shirt helped him go faster.

Close racing. Looking a little cozy in that corner.

Whoops, is that a spin-out? (Hope so !)

Oh yes, the Champ in passing mode.

Looks leisurely, but that's the new Champ coming up - about to strike!

Getting exciting down there....out of the way!

The Peloton, with the Champ in the middle, just lurking, ready to burn rubber again!

Watch out for those stacked tyres!

Cruising out in front - come on, give us a wave !

Go go go !

The Old Champ, showing the powerful style he is renowned for.  And a happy 5th placegetter coming around, well behind.