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Club History

The Cronulla South Probus held its first meeting on 20 August 2004 following an interest meeting convened by the Chairman of Cronulla Rotary Club, Kevin Fenwick, on 16 July.  There were 67 Foundation Members of the club and, remarkably, 31 remain active members as of August 2017. The Club now has approximately 120 members. Meetings have always been held on the 3rd Friday of each month at the South Cronulla Bowling Club. 

Foundation President, Peter Fowler (right), Rotary Chairman, Kevin Fenwick (centre) and Foundation Secretary, Ronda Rickford (left) 

The names of the Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers of the Club are listed below:

  Year President Secretary Treasurer
  2004/5 Peter Fowler* Ronda Rickford* Lena Ulrich
  2006 Alan Coleman* Ronda Rickford* Lena Ulrich
  2007 John Owen* Susan Davis Ken Paranthoiene*
  2008 Trevor Davis Susan Davis Ann Rachel
  2009 Graham Johnstone Susan Davis Ann Rachel
  2010 John Parkes John Sullings Ann Rachel
  2011 Ron Kelly* John Sullings John Towers*
  2012 Susan Davis John Sullings John Towers*
  2013 Frank Baker Anne Chipman John Towers*
  2014 Susan Ross Vicki Hann John Towers*
  2015 Jim Stapleton Vicki Hann Susan Stevenson
  2016 Pam Feinbier Vicki Hann Susan Stevenson
  2017 Lynne Thorn Denise Patterson Susan Stevenson
  2018 Des Levins* Denise Patterson Susan Stevenson
  2019 Margaret Kingston Jill Edwards Susan Stevenson
  2020 Margaret Kingston Jill Edwards Susan Stevenson
  2021 Janet Morgan Jill Edwards Susan Stevenson
  2022 Janet Morgan Jill Edwards Susan Stevenson
  2023 Graham Johnstone Jill Edwards Susan Stevenson
  2024 John Yates Jean Harrow Susan Stevenson

* Deceased (RIP)


Past Presidents – March 2024