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GENERAL MEETING – 17th May 2022


President Maree welcomed members and guests and provided an update on Peter’s health.

PRESENT:  Clare and Steen Andersen, Roy Axelsen, Lois Beckwith, Cate and Paul Bowman, Anne and Phil Bryan, Allan Cameron, Marilyn and John Christie, Don Collins, Gerard Gelston, Brian Holloway, Michael Horne, Charlie Keane, Cindy Knight, Annette Lord, Maree Matanle, Geoff McLennan, Wayne Richardson, Tina Te, Kevin Eggins, Marc Smith, Maureen Bennett 

APOLOGIES:  Alan Lane, Peter Matanle, Ann and David Brown, Gillian and John Robertson

GUEST:  Belinda Lee Cervantes

INDUCTIONS:          President Maree welcomed two new members - Maureen Cameron and Bernie Lee and presented their Probus Passports and name badges.

BIRTHDAYS:   cards presented to Maureen Bennett and Wayne Richardson

MINUTES:     of the meeting on 19th April 2022, as circulated, were accepted.                                          Moved: M. Horne/Sec: M. Christie.   Carried


  1. Possible hearing loop  for the Ian Knight Room – Marc Smith agreed to follow up this item.

  2. Meander Valley FM radio station.  Geoff McLennan and Lois Beckwith be the contacts with the station, to provide Deloraine Probus Club information as required.  Carried

  3. Maree had laid a wreath on behalf of the Probus Club at the ANZAC Service in Deloraine. 

  4. A reminder that annual subs are now due.

  5. PSPL Information Day.  Due to health issues, neither Maree nor Marilyn were able to attend this session in Launceston on the 5th May.  The presentations from the day are now available on the internet.


  • Inward :           (1) Bendigo Bank monthly statement, (2) Menzies Research

                               Institute newsletter, (3) PSPL Information Day follow up.

  • Outward:        Annual return to PSPL, including capitation fees for 37 members.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  showing a current balance of $1,684.42. (One outstanding cheque for $555.) 

Moved: B. Holloway/Sec: A. Bryan  – that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.  Carried

Accounts for payment:   (1) Deloraine Rotary Club for room hire, (2) re-imbursements for name badges and morning tea supplies.

Moved: B. Holloway/Sec: M. Bennett  – that the accounts for payment be approved.  Carried.


  • Anne Bryan gave a report on the May morning tea at the Van Diemen’s Creamery.

  • Next morning tea at the Deloraine Deli on Tuesday 7th June at 11 am.   

  • At the Club Meeting in June, ‘significant birthdays’ in 2022 will be celebrated.

  • A ‘Christmas in July’ function is planned for Tuesday 19th July at Settler’s Restaurant, starting at 11:30 am. A short business session followed by a guest speaker, lunch and entertainment.  Guests will be most welcome.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Lois Beckwith listed the future guest speakers that she has arranged.   Where possible, guest speakers will be advised in advance in the Club Bulletin.       


  • Vice-President Marilyn advised that she would not be standing for President in 2023.

  • Members were asked to complete their emergency contact details and to advise any changes if needed. 


After morning tea, Geoff McLennan, Tina Te, Don Collins and Belinda Lee Cervantes spoke about life in the Philippines and the experiences of ex-patriates in Australia, and also spoke about their travels elsewhere in the world.

Geoff offered to arrange a future group tour to the Philippines if there was interest from Probus Club members.

NEXT GENERAL MEETING:   Tuesday 21st June at 10am



MINUTESof the Management Team Meeting held on Sunday 15th August 2021 at 2/40 Burghley St, Longford. 


PRESENT:  Maree and Peter Matanle, John and Marilyn Christie, Lois Beckwith, Geoff McLennan, Michael Horne.


  1. Minutes of the June 2021 team meeting as circulated, were accepted.  (G.McLennan/L. Beckwith) 


  1. Agreed that the Draft Constitution and Standing Resolutions as circulated to all Club members were ready for a vote at the General Meeting on Tuesday 17th August. 


  1. Reviewed the draft Privacy and Risk Management Policieas prepared by John Christie.   


Action Item 1.   Secretary to add revisions to both documents and circulate to team members before the September meeting. 



  1. Probus Virtual Information Session on Tuesday 14th September from 10am by Zoom. Marilyn Christie offered to host team members at their home for this meeting.  


Action Item 2.   Members wishing to attend need to enrol on line with PSPL by 3rd  September and to advise Marilyn if they will be attending at Longford. 




  1. Hearing Loop.  Maree advised that the Rotary-Pratt Foundation hadeclined to fund a hard-wired system in the Ian Knight Room. 


Action Item 3. Maree to arrange for a professional quote for alternative systems. 



  1. Probus Month – October 2021.  


Action Item 4. Maree to speak to Clare Andersen about preparing an item for the Meander Valley News, highlighting the activities of the Club.  This could become a regular item in this newspaper as an ‘advertorial’. 



  1. General Business - future guest speakers and possible outings/activities were canvassed.