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General Meetings

Place: Meetings are held at Warners Bay Sports Club, 7 Charles St, Warners Bay on 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Many of us can use our Navman (or similar) to guide us to the address, but those who prefer a printed guide will find it on this page.

Time: Meetings commence at 10.00am.

Elsewhere on the site you'll find brief details of speakers and their topics for the next few months.  Over the years we've had some most interesting speakers on a whole range of topics and it looks as though the proposed speakers will uphold the tradition.

A short business meeting is followed by morning tea and then a guest speaker.
An option to stay at the club and enjoy the company of other members over a meal is always available.

MARCH    The AGM was held at Central Charlestown Leagues Club on the 8th of March 2023 - but before that we had a spcial luncheon to mark the 35th Anniversary of the foundation of the club.