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February Meeting  on Friday 19. The Guest Speaker, Gillian Eade on "Healthy Memory" CANCELLED due to Covid Level 2 restrictions

March Meeting on Friday 19. Following our AGM Howard Wills entertained us with amusing songs from his repertoire,

Dr Ian Alexander gave a fascinating history of Tiritiri Matangi along with superb photographs of the returning birdlife and environmental changes on the Island.  Inspiration for a future Probus trip in the future?

April Meeting on Friday 16.  Our 27th Birthday. Ann Skilling researched and organised a challenging, entertaining Quiz. We enjoyed a lavish morning tea provided by the Committee.

May Meeting on Friday 21. Irene described her recent visit to Culverden and surroundings where she accompanied her son on his stock run.

Julie Chapman spoke on her lifestyle and the reasons she set up and continues to lead Kidscan

June meeting on Friday 18. Elaine Rutherfurd covered her involvement with a Northland Charity, Bald Angels

Anna Crane from Macular DegenerationNZ gave a very insightful presentation on MD, making us more aware of our precious eyesight and ways to preserve it.

July Meeting: Mini speaker was Hilary who described her early years in music and travel. She finished with a beautiful song: My Lagon Love.

Gillian Eadie gave us positive advice on keeping mentally active and developing useful strategies for a healthy memory.

August Meeting: Cancelled

September Meeting: Cancelled

October Meeting: Cancelled

November Meeting: Musical entertainment  by Bobby Gee


February Meeting

Our Vice President Maureen Reed gave a mini talk on her trip back to the UK late last year. In two weeks she covered Edinburgh, via London, to Geurnsey in the Channel Islands, her birthplace.

The Main Speaker was Geoff Matthews, a school Principal with a passion for bee keeping. He gave fascinating insights into the life of bees, in and out of the hive, and his early experiences which developed into an ongoing busines of honey and beeswax production. We were not only entertained by his presentation but also amusingly informed on his lifelong interest.

Our March April and May Meetings have been cancelled

June Meeting 

Our AGM was held which included the President's and Treasurer's Annual Reports and Election of Officers. We welcome new Committee Member, Hilary Wills and farewell Suzanne Turner from the Committee.  Thank you Suzanne for your service and for your presentation and display of beautiful quilts.  We celebrated our 26th birthday with a catered Birthday morning tea. The main topic of the day:  'Lockdown' experiences.

July Meeting

Maureen stood in as mini speaker and described her lifetime hobby of knitting soft toys. She read her poem on Scarecrows Her favourite scarecrow was much admired as it was passed around the audience.

Janice Chandler gave a fascinating glimpse of her travels in Uzbekistan, a history of The Silk Road and a colourful display of the local dress and customs.  Thank you Janice and Dave.


August Meeting


September Meeting


October Meeting

Norma Pretscherer described her family and childhood, growing up in the South Island. She promoted her new book, 'A Skylark Sings'.

Ted Dickens spoke on his career with Farmers. starting as a messenger and achieving  the role of Chief Executive of Merchandise. He told many amusing anecdotes of his years with Farmers.

November Meeting

Mark Solo, guitarist and singer, entertained us with a wide range of songs accompanied by superb guitaring. We finished our year with a catered and delicious morning tea.