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MARCH   - Marie – One of our own members with “A Walk Down Memory Lane”. What a fabulous life Marie has had.

APRIL      - Peter Somerville of Blackbird Cruises – Very interesting - History of the Maribyrnong River. 

MAY       -  Bev Moss - Motivational Speaker – “You can go wherever you want to go” – Bev takes you on her world travels that include a stint within the walls of Buckingham Palace.

JUNE      -  Bruce Nethercote – The Chocolatier Man from ‘Chocolatier of Ivanhoe’.  A very interesting insight into this local family business.    Lots of free samples and chocolate gifts to purchase.  A great speaker who held a captive audience.

JULY      -  Mark Rusic - a local Author, Poet and Artist - Australiana /Iconic Melbourne.  Mark encourages people to reach their full creative potential in whatever they are involved in while using their artistry as a powerful medium to inspire a positive outlook.  Mark’s books, 'Iconic Melbourne' and 'Iconic Animals of Australia' are great little coffee-table books, showcasing his original photos and paintings of Melbourne & Australian animals.

AUG       -  BaptCare - Residential & Community Care for older people. “Staying in your Home is Better”

SEPT      -  Barry Gomm – Collector of GINGER MEGGS memorabilia. Barry has the world's largest collection of all things Ginger Meggs. Brought back a lot of old memories for out ladies.

OCT       -  Sally Van Gent – Author – A great presenter with a wealth of knowledge having travelled the world.  Sally presented her latest book, her Memoir – “The Navy Blue Suitcase”.  The story of her life from a small child to today.   What an amazing, interesting life she has led.

NOV      -   No Speaker.  Our own Melbourne Cup Day Meeting with games, Hat Parade & Prizes.

Barry - The Ginger Meggs Man - at our September Meeting