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The club shall be called the "Probus Club of Glendowie"



Membership shall be primarily for residents of Glendowie and adjoining areas.



(a) Life Membership may be conferred on any member the club considers worthy of that honour.   Life Members shall be exempt from the payment of subscriptions but shall otherwise have all the rights and privileges of members.

(b) Members leaving the territorial area may retain their membership



(a) The Club shall be managed by a Management Committee comprised of a President, Vice-President, (who shall also be President elect), Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, House Manager (who must be a member of the club or organisation whose   premises  are   being   hired)  and   other  members   responsible  for  Guest Speakers, Visits and Entertainment, Club Bulletins and Publicity, Probus Liaison and Rosters and Membership.

(b) The immediate Past President shall be a member, ex-officio, of the committee. He will act as host at general meetings and, as Almoner, be responsible for the welfare of members. He will have voting rights.

(c) Officers and committee members shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting in accordance with these by-laws.

(d) In committee, six members shall form a quorum, and, where there is an equal division of votes, the Chairman will have a second or casting vote.

(e) The committee shall have powers to appoint a sub-committee to deal with specific matters.

(f) The committee shall have power to co-opt in order to fill vacancies which may arise.

(g) Officers elected at the Annual General Meeting shall be authorised to administer the affairs of the Club prior to the following 1 April and shall report such matters to the next meeting of the committee for ratification.

(h) The minutes of any general meeting at which formal resolutions are put to the vote shall be referred to the next committee meeting for confirmation.



(a) As required by the Constitution, the election of officers shall be held before the end of March in each year.

(b) Notice of the election of officers shall be given at a general meeting of the club at least one month before the election.   

(c) All nominations and acceptance of nominations shall be in writing and signed by the nominators and candidates and shall be in the hands of the secretary before the commencement of the meeting at which the election is scheduled.

(d) Voting shall be by show of hands or by ballot as decided by the members. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes of members present and voting in the election for each office or committee position shall be declared elected.

(e) If two members receive an equal number of votes, the Chairman shall decide the method by which the tie shall be resolved.



(a) Under normal circumstances, meetings of the Club will be held monthly on the first Friday of each month from 10 am to 12 noon at the Giendowie Bowling Club or at such other time, day and place as may be decided by the Management Committee.

(b) An Annual General Meeting shall be held in March of each year.

(c) The Club shall be in recess for the month of January of each year,

(d) The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting at the request, in writing, of not less than 20% of members and shall give at least two weeks notice of such meeting with full particulars of the purpose for which it has been called.

(e) A quorum at General Meetings shall be 25% of the total Club membership,

(f) Voting at General Meetings shall be by show of hands or by ballot if considered necessary,

(g) The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote where there is an equal division of votes.



(a) The annual subscription payable by members shall be fixed at each Annual General Meeting.

(b) Subscriptions are due annually from the date of the Annual General Meeting and if unpaid by 30 June, that member may be removed from the list of members.

(c) New members joining after the 1st December shall not be charged subscription for the balance of the financial year.

(d) The subscription shall include such capitation fee and, insurance contribution as may be required by the Probus Centre South Pacific.



(a) An Income and Expenditure Account (and Balance Sheet, if appropriate) for the twelve months to the end of January in each year, shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting after being audited by a person appointed at the previous Annual General Meeting.

(b) The treasurer shall  deposit  all  funds  of the  club  in  the  bank  named by  the committee. Signatories shall be the President, Secretary and Treasurer and one other committee member with any two to operate the account.

(c) All payments must be confirmed, and any donation authorised by the committee.



Any notice of motion must be in the hands of the Secretary, in writing, and tabled at least one meeting prior to the meeting at which the motion is to be put.



(a) If circumstances arise which necessitate the "winding up of the Club", the Honorary Secretary or his Deputy, shall convene a "Special Meeting" for this purpose, giving two weeks notice of same,

(b) The decision to close shall be determined by a two thirds majority of those present.

(c) In the event that for whatever reason, a decision is made by the members that the Club shall cease to function and that its affairs be wound up, such funds and property as it may possess shall be transferred to another Probus Club or similar organisation or donated to an appropriate charitable purpose. No member of the Club shall be entitled to benefit
directly from such disposal of Club assets.



(a) Matters not provided for in these by-laws shall be determined by the committee.

(b) These By-Laws may be amended at a general meeting of the club, a quorum being present, by the affirmative vote of not less than three-quarters of the members present and voting, notice of such proposed amendment having been published to all members at least 21 days before such meeting and provided that no amendment shall be permitted if it in any way affects the non-profit status of the Club.

(As amended by special resolution at a Special General Meeting of the Club on 1 August 2008)