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Greensborough Probus Club – The Early Days

Probus is recognised as “A Community Service Activity of Rotary Clubs” in the South Pacific Region.  Rotary determines the need to establish new Probus clubs in each Rotary/Probus district.  During February / March 1997 the local Rotary Clubs considered the large waiting lists for the 4 existing Probus Clubs in the north eastern Melbourne region.  This issue passed through various levels of committee within Rotary before it was directed to Greensborough Rotary to auspice expressions of interest from those on the various waiting lists, then proceeded to a steering committee to gather membership, initiate accreditation for the new club, as yet unnamed, and to put in place a management committee to run the club.

Interest Meeting
Date: 3/3/1997

Place:  Greensborough Uniting Church Hall, Greensborough

Formation of Steering Committee
Date: 5/3/1997

Place: Home of Interim President
Present were Interim Committee Members: Frank Wheatley, Gerry Den Dulk, Andrew Leopold, Robyne Hunter, Elizabeth Irvine, Joan Davies, Alan Berry, Chairman Cyril Brant, (Rotary Greensborough), Minutes Secretary Ian Scott, (Secretary of Probus Club of Diamond Valley Inc.)

Interim Office Bearers:

Frank Wheatley           President

Gerry Den Dulk           Vice President

Andrew Leopold          Secretary


Schedule further committee meeting on 24th March at home of Interim President Frank.

Schedule first General Meeting on 7th April 1997 at Greensborough Uniting Church Hall, Grimshaw Street, Greensborough.