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Covid-19 Restrictions apply

Interest Groups are an important part of life of the Club.

The chief aim of these groups is to provide informal opportunities for Members to gather with a common interest and to build common experiences - these experiences build friendships. 

At present GHPC offers:

Craft Classes – held 1st Friday of each month 9:30am at the home of leonie Wareham. This is an opportunity for people to share and tryout difference creative craft ( Craft club on Hold due to Covid Restrictions 2021)

  Book Club - ‘Book, Bell & Wine Glass’   Held 1st Monday of each month 10:30am till Noon at home of Helen Mcindoe. Good conversation and banter coupled with great hospitality offer the chance to getting know others and explore books that you might not have usally taken of the shelf.(Book Club on Hold due to Covid Restrictions 2021)

Theatre Group- Here is an oppunity to get to see great production Shows including Music New and Not So New.(On Hold Covid -19 Restrictions)

Garden Group-This is an opportunity to experience the outdoor with out going Off Road....Visiting well established and well know formal and informal gardens around the Greater Sydney area....

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